One thing that confuses many new traders is the fact that price action is not just for day trading. Nothing is ever 100% with any strategy, but if you have the ability to read a price chart properly, which is all price action trading is really, then you also have the ability to put the odds on your side. Instead of entering a trade on hope, why not learn to read a price chart and enter a trade knowing that there was a 70% or better opportunity that you would enter on the right side of the market, which means you entered knowing with a high level of confidence that prices would move in your favor giving you a profitable trade.

While it’s also billed as being too risky for small retail traders, if you know how to sell options, you can combine that knowledge with the ability to read a price chart and open the door to one of the greatest money making opportunities that are available. Hopefully we have given you some great ideas and tips for some new and exciting trading strategies. Other tools require the binary options trader to make observation of several indicators which may at times hinder the trader from entering at precisely the right time.

This means that price action is a necessary tool through which the trader can project the future price direction of the assets they wish to use.

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