With the help of eLan Events and Driving Force the SA Rugby Legends were involved yet another successful trip to Dubai to once again celebrate South Africa Freedom Day in the heart of the Arab Emirates on Friday 8 April.
The touring group arrived in Dubai on Wednesday 6April spending most of the day relaxing after being entertained by Mike Scully at a sponsored luncheon before the real work started.
The following day the SA Rugby legends were involved in a golf day at the Jebel Ali Golf Club-Jebel Alli being the main sponsor of the weekend.
Among the international legends that were brought up by Dan were former Welsh skipper and British and Irish Lions flank Colin Charvis, former England scrum half Andy Gomersall together with South Africans Jake Boer and Percy Montgomery and a great evening of true camaraderie was enjoyed by all.

Friday of course was the big day opening with a clinic with 50 odd children at the Jebel Ali Shooting Club with the main attraction the game between the British and Irish Lions and SA Rugby Legends, which kicked off at 5pm that afternoon.
After a wonderfully successful few days in Dubai the team retuned home on Saturday 9 April taking with them many more happy memories and new friendships-but then of course it’s what we can expect from this great game that we serve and the SA Rugby Legends look forward to visiting their friends in Dubai soon.
The evening closed with a successful auction with good funds being raised once again for the development of the game. South Africa with players like Percy Montgomery on board won the game 26-14 against a side that included the likes of Peter Rogers, Rory Jenkins and Charvis from Wales John O’Neill from Ireland, Gomersall of England and their manager Stephen Boyle also of England.

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