Deloitte’s Insights for CFOs provides financial executives a customized resource to help them address the strategic, operational and regulatory issues they face in managing their finance organizations and careers, with top-line digests, research, perspectives and technical analyses. With Focus on Top-line Growth, Mid-market CFOs Have Several Strategic OptionsReports of large companies’ huge cash reserves, easier financing, higher transaction leverage multiples and historically low interest rates have many mid-market companies focusing on the top line and considering M&A.
CFOs can help business owners determine which of the following strategies and the options within each strategy make sense for the company in the current business environment by evaluating their potential advantages and disadvantages.
A company may decide to hold steady, keeping the status quo altogether, or forming a strategic alliance that doesn’t impact the capital structure. Companies that choose to maintain their current capital structure may be able to use strategic alliances to move into new product lines and new markets without impacting their capital structure. Potential Advantages: Current shareholders retain a majority or minority interest depending on the strategy of the company, as well as the opportunity for future exit.

Disposition of the business through either a strategic or financial partner may be an enticing alternative to consider.
Potential Advantages: Strategic partners may value the company higher because of potential synergies and lower cost of capital, and may support organic growth opportunities previously inaccessible or deemed too risky.
By objectively evaluating these and other strategies in the context of their company, competitors, sector prospects and opportunities for value creation, “business owners and other company leaders are able to make better business decisions,” says Mr.
The client’s Sino-foreign JV was suffering shrinking market share and poor competitive positioning, so they desired an objective assessment of their China business, as well as potential new strategies.
Casey Quirk conducted in-country fieldwork with local fund managers, distributors, and regulators, outlined reasonable expectations for internal—and global—demand for Chinese product and identified success characteristics of existing and likely Chinese market expansion strategies. The alternative strategies available to mid-market businesses are discussed in Deloitte’s study Mid-market Perspectives: Evaluating Strategic Options—a Growing Imperative for the Middle Market.

Yet, mid-market companies should consider the various strategies available to them before embarking on M&A to grow the top line, says Kevin McFarlane, managing director at Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC.
The study also lays out a framework executives can use to benchmark strategy options against their company’s needs and objectives and current business conditions.
In addition, collaborating with a strategic player may provide significant tax advantages depending on how the relationship is structured,” says Mr.

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