StockTwits is a browser extension that lets you track right from the speed dial tab, the latest trends on the stock market. Unlike all other finance and stock sites, StockTwits enables you to discover what’s new, listen in, and learn from talented investors and traders as they make real time moves in the market. StockTwits, a real-time community-powered site for investment information, secured a $4 million venture round from existing investors the Foundry Group (which recently closed a $225 million fund) and True Ventures, we’ve learned from co-founder and CEO Howard Lindzon.

Just a week ago, StockTwits launched an iPhone app that brings in the main site functionality, charts from, and news from Abnormal Returns. Searching the site for a ticker symbol (like GOOG), for example, summons a real-time stream mostly composed of posts from Twitter and StockTwits itself.
StockTwits then partnered with SecondMarket in August to let users post about private stock in addition to public stock.

After installing the StockTwits add-on you will get real-time stock quotes, discover the trending stocks and view some of the messages from social traders and investors.

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