I have been with numerous other traders, signed up to their room but then really didnt get anything out of it, they didnt make trades they just talked a good talk. In Fous4 Cameron really tells you how to become a profitable trader from start to finish Swinging stocks, from proved successful chart patterns with exact entry points, stops and exit strategies to how to manage a trade when your in it using chart examples. There is even a step by step walk through guide, a sort of checklist to check off before entering a trade. Its the best most informative trading video i've seen, it really puts everything in order in your mind. I now have total clarity of what i need to do to consistantly make money in the stock market.
Awesome addition to Fous4, this time Cameron tells you how to profit in stocks on an intraday basis as his 1st DVD focuses on Swing Trading alone. Lots of great detail again, no stone unturned, fully equipt to day trade intraday once i'd seen this. The time to buy Gold and Gold stocks is now during the next 4-5 weeks just as we were recommending stocks in late February 2009 with public articles that nobody paid attention to.  This is the time to start accumulating quality gold miner and also the precious metals themselves as the bear cycle winds down and the spring comes back to Gold and Silver in 2014. Use this chart as a reference example of how to track price movements in relation to Market Internals (TICK in this case).
Follow along with members of the Daily Commentary and Idealized Trades summaries for real-time updates and additional trade planning.
Corey’s book The Complete Trading Course (Wiley Finance) is now available along with the newly released Profiting from the Life Cycle of a Stock Trend presentation (also from Wiley). Bank of America, Citigroup, and Regions Financial all trade for discounts to their respective book values.
While the financial crisis of 2008-09 isn't something that most us want to live through again, one of its enduring legacies has been the opportunity to buy bank stocks at discounts to book value.

The price-to-book-value ratio is the most common metric that professional analysts and investors use to determine whether a bank stock is cheap or expensive.
There is no hard and fast rule regarding when a specific bank stock is cheap or expensive, but a handy rule of thumb is 1.0 times book value.
It's worth keeping in mind, of course, that there are generally reasons that certain banks trade at lower valuations than others.
We’ve used this strategy twice in the last year, when stocks in Japan and Europe were trading at undeniable bargains. More specifically, stocks in Russia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, China, Taiwan and Turkey are among the cheapest in the world, according to BCA Research. Bottom line: Instead of arguing about whether or not shares in the United States are expensive, spend your time finding cheap stocks in the seven countries listed above.
Now, if you don’t have the time to conduct your own due diligence on individual opportunities, don’t fret. This forecasting system has predicted market direction 90 days into the future with such precision, that it can be used to scrutinize 5,336 individual stocks & ETFs.
At this point I would rather put capital at risk in a severely oversold stock market than a parabolic gold market. The last time these particular conditions came together, gold stocks rallied 121% in 12 months. You can see that in 2009 and 2010, gold stocks performed as expected… They tracked the price of gold, but with more volatility. As of the latest issue of his letter, John’s measure shows gold stocks are 17% undervalued. Were as Fous is the real deal, making trades everyday, making bank and openly stops himself out of incorrect trades quickly.

We saw a rare case in the summer of 2013 where the BPI for Gold stocks was at 0%, yes that is not a miss-print.
Gold bottomed at 1181 in late June 2013, and then rallied up to 1434 and we saw Gold stocks rally 40-80% in individual cases and the BPI rallied up to 55%.
These are the only big bank stocks that still trade for less than their respective book values. Banks that trade far in excess of this threshold -- say 2.0 times book value, or more -- are considered expensive, while banks that trade for a discount to that are generally considered to be inexpensive. This means that its shares trade for a 19% discount to the bank's own estimate of its net worth. To the contrary, it took five metrics into account, including trailing and forward price-to-earnings ratios, price-to-book ratios and dividend yield.
In a volatile market, when stocks in general are falling, gold stocks will fall, too… even if the gold price is rising. I made $10,000 last week all while teaching my Students Live on FOUStv who all get my real time trade alerts based on my trading system called the FOUS4 . The same is true with Citigroup and Regions Financial, which trade for 16% and 14% less than their book values, respectively.
Plus the degree of stretch we are seeing right now probably even guarantees a move considerably above the 200 day moving average.
But you'll probably just call it "how I made my millions." Don't be too late to the party -- click here for one stock to ownwhen the Web goes dark.

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