Following General Electric’s plan to divest its financial business – the company’s plan now is a return-money-to-investors binge.
The companies are assembled below by industry, along with Deutsche Bank's price target, the company's share price when the note was published, the company's price-to-earnings based on 2015 earnings per share, and Deutsche's 2016 projections for earnings per share growth. Bianco adds that Greece, ISIS and the gearing up US Presidential election could all have a significant impact on stocks in the coming months. We've collected Bianco's list here, ranking the stocks by market cap from smallest to largest. Contrary to the pensiveness seen in the broader markets, publicly traded pizza companies have mostly bucked the trend, making them great stocks to buy.
Let’s take a look at the top three pizza stocks that can deliver more than just dinner. 3 Financial Stocks to Buy Now (WFC, C, GS)Tyler Craig, Tyler's TradingThe financial sector is finally breaking out. 10 Highest-Rated Stocks to Buy NowLouis Navellier, Editor, Blue Chip GrowthThe stock market is looking increasingly dangerous as we near the end of 2015. This major contradiction is why it’s crucial to find the best stocks to invest in during these turbulent times to come. All told, General Electric plans to pay investors upwards of $90 billion by boosting dividends and also buying back stock.
Ashraf Eassa likes Qualcomm: It's hard not to be pleased with the performances of technology and, in particular, semiconductor stocks in 2014.

The trend is up, moving averages are pointing higher, and the stock has rebounded from last week’s market selloff with style. Pick the ones that you are most comfortable with and use these stocks to point your way through the tumult the global economy may very well dish out in coming weeks and months. Such as looking at a few of our success stories HERE and My Special Report stocks have had a history of performing quite well such as looking HERE and HERE . Buying stock, in theory, returns money to investors indirectly by reducing the number of shares outstanding.
We've compiled that list, which features companies with market caps over $10 billion, price-to-earnings ratios below 22, and positive 2015 earnings per share growth. With non-tribal casinos now legal in Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Empire Reports may have the experience and ambition to tap into the growing market for casinos across the Northeast. But pizza stocks also tend to be well-managed and display several fundamental strengths, thus supporting the position that these companies are excellent stocks to buy during uncertain market dynamics. However, one high-quality chip company that has underperformed pretty significantly during 2014 -- but one that I believe is set to do much better in 2015 -- is Qualcomm (QCOM, Tech30). GE plans to buy $50 billion of its own stock, tied for the second biggest authorization ever. Now, it's well-known that Qualcomm is having issues collecting on royalties from some Chinese handset vendors (leading to pessimism around the business), but I think Qualcomm will be able to solve its issues there, as it has done in the past.
Qualcomm the company is a winner, and I think that during 2015, Qualcomm the stock will be, too.

Google has a lot of things going right and I think Google is a top stock to consider buying for 2015.
Tamara Walsh likes WhiteWave Foods: From smart acquisitions to promising opportunities in oversees markets such as China, hiteWave Foods (WWAV) is one of my favorite stock picks heading into the new year. The packaged food and beverage company has enjoyed a nice run this year with the stock up more than 47% year-to-date. I expect this momentum to carry over into the new year, and for the stock to continue to gain speed in the year ahead as the company expands into new markets and product categories.
Rick Munarriz likes SeaWorld Entertainment: I'm going to go full contrarian with a stock that everybody seems to hate. With SeaWorld trading at a valuation discount to its peers there's plenty of upside in 2015 even if the market doesn't comply.
Tim Brugger likes Facebook: With its stock price up 38% so far this year, it may seem counterintuitive to include Facebook (FB, Tech30)on a list of stocks to buy in 2015. The MAU growth of Instagram is certainly there, and with the advent of video ads on both Facebook and Instagram, 2015 should be yet another banner year. However, Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) not only dominates its market but happens to be leveraged to an increasingly important technological trend making it my top stock pick for 2015.

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