You may also be interested in stocks that do well during bear markets to insulate your portfolio from the worst ‘bite’ of bear markets. In addition to the market trading above its historical average price-to-earnings ratio, there are a number of potential crises that are threatening stock markets. Bear markets allow dividend investors to reinvest their dividends into stocks that offer yields higher than what one could expect in a bull market. Dividend investors who are still saving have the opportunity to invest additional funds in dividend stocks trading at bargain prices. When the next bear market hits – and hits your portfolio (and everyone else’s) hard, do not sell.

Instead, either hold your stocks (which is okay), or buy while bargains are available (which is great). If you can adjust your psychology to be excited for the bargains that bear markets provide – or at least be ambivalent about bear markets – you will greatly outperform your investing peers.
For me, the key to being excited about bear markets is to invest in high quality dividend growth stocks with a long history of increasing dividends. That doesn’t mean high quality dividend growth stocks don’t see price declines in bear markets… These stocks fall as well, but not as much, on average. This article takes a look at 4 bear market stocks that have historically performed well during recessions – and are likely to again during the next recession.

Consumers tend to buy bread regardless of the overall economic condition – after all, it’s a cheap staple used in many United States households daily for toast and sandwiches.
It would be interesting to see where the Composite would be trading had the government not stepped in to underpin the once free falling market. As an example, Aflac (AFL) stock briefly traded for dividend yields over 7% (!) during 2009.

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