That’s always been a major source of frustration to me, and it is no doubt a major source of frustration to millions of retirees living off of their investments. If you want to know what LTC does, just look at its name: “LTC” is short for “long-term care,” something that millions of Baby Boomers will be needing in the years ahead. A monthly dividend payer with a track record of raising its dividends that also happens to be invested in one of the most powerful macro trends in the world… If you can think of a better stock to include in a retirement portfolio, let me know. Furthermore, Realty Income’s properties are leased on a triple-net basis, meaning that the tenants are responsible for paying all maintenance, taxes and insurance. Realty Income’s stock price has taken a beating in 2015, down nearly 20% from its recent fears due to investor concerns about rising bond yields. Earlier this week, I wrote that Prospect Capital is “the most hated stock on Wall Street.” As a value investor, that should get your blood pumping, but as a conservative income investor that might cause you to take a step back. Prospect Capital is a business development company (“BDC”) that primarily makes loans to small and medium sized businesses.
I’m normally reluctant to recommend a company that has recently cut its dividend because, like cock roaches, there is never just one. Main Street pays a modest monthly dividend of $0.175 per month, but twice per year it also generally pays a larger dividend based on its operating results.

Bonds generally pay interest just twice per year, and most companies pay dividends quarterly. Today, I’m going to share five monthly-paying dividend stocks that you can bank on to pay your monthly bills. Dividend safety and growth are far more important considerations, and the following list has plenty of both. And importantly, if you want to make sure your monthly income continues to match your monthly expenses, LTC is a serial dividend raiser. To start, American Realty Capital Properties common stock does not currently pay a dividend. For a slightly riskier monthly payer, I recommend you consider shares of Prospect Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:PSEC). But in Prospect’s case, the dividend cut made sense to me, and our risk is mitigated in my view by two things. This allows Main Street to keep its base dividend stable, which is exactly what you want with a stock you’re using to fund your monthly expenses. It’s about as stable and conservative as a stock can be, while still offering regular dividend growth.

Realty Income has paid 538 consecutive monthly dividends, and has raised its dividend for 70 consecutive quarters. And while dividend payments are not guaranteed in the sense that bond interest is, it takes priority over common stock dividends.
I expect that the dividend will be reinstated this year, but as of this writing ARCP does not pay a dividend.
And secondly, Prospect Capital’s executives have been buying the stock on the open market hand over fist (see insider trading table at the bottom of this article for the full list).
Not every dividend hike is a large one, but the stock has managed 5% compound annualized dividend growth for 20 years and running.
Furthermore, some preferred stock—including this one—have provisions that make them cumulative.
In other words, if the company skips a preferred dividend for any reason, they have to play “catch up” and pay the preferred stockholders their cumulative past dividends before they can offer a dividend to common shareholders.

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