If you are unfamiliar with stock market trading and too keen to jump into the market to make money via stock trading.
Now many financial site provide virtual stock trading platform on their portal like MoneyControl and ICICI to play trading game in Indian stock market with virtual money. You can invest Rs 15,00,000 in virtual trading game with real time experience of stock trading. In addition to stock trading, there are options to experiment with Mutual Fund Portfolios, Commodities Trading, Investing in Bonds and Fixed Deposits portfolio.

Learning section allows the traders to access latest research report published by various research house and stock broking agencies. According to online simulation trading game every player assigned Rs 1,000,000 virtual play money in the start of the game. So through Online Virtual Trading Game can help you rehearsal to become professional in stock market before real investing and execution of trading without any financial risk. For additional help choosing the stocks, the site has an impressive message board that provide beginner, intermediate and advanced levels traders to interact with each other.

Free online stock trading floor to trade stocks and futures traders play the stockwatch share prices for some stocks are priced at bank competitive.

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