August 23, 2012 By deeksha 4 Comments Stock Trading basics are quite different from stock investing strategies.
There are two methods of trading on an exchange which are over the exchange floor where trading is carried on the floor of stock exchange where the traders are physically present and people are seen watching monitors, talking over the phone, shouting and signaling towards each other.
Stock market investing strategies differs from other forms of investing in terms of the risk involved. 2)     Purchase few stocks and Use stop loss orders:-Another important stock trading strategy is that you should not purchase more stocks at a time.
Example:-Buying 20 stocks at a go does not make sense as the market might go up or show downturn without any intimation. Stop loss order:-It is an order which is placed with the broker to sell a security as soon as it reaches a particular loss. 4)     Withdrawing the profits:-One of the important stock market basics is that the stock market causes loss just like any other business with the only difference that the loss created by trading can be controlled only by the individual himself.

8)    Don’t Follow Advice blindly:-You should never follow any advice related to buying a stock blindly as it can lead to future repercussions. 12) Trade in high volume stocks:-Buy only those stocks which are active and have high volumes over a period of time.
13) Sell short:-Anybody who buys the stocks expects prices to rise in future in order to have profits. Nice Article with generic concepts of share trading, Example is nice which could understandable to layman. The stocks which you may choose for stock market investing might not be relevant for stock market trading. So the strategy would be to purchase only few stocks at a time and placing stop loss orders on them. This situation occurs when the trading happens after raise or fall in market when stocks are adjusting their values.

It is essential all the relevant information be collected about various stocks by reading and also referring various sources like financial magazines, websites etc. In case of low volume stocks, there are chances that a stop loss order placed may get failed since there are not much buyers and sellers on the whole. You require discipline in your trading strategy if you want to stand out and want to have more successful trades.
Stock Trading is defined as buying and selling of various securities such as options, stocks, futures etc in a financial market to generate profits. Stock markets deliver high returns for investors but on the other hand may also lead to a loss owing its nature.

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