Computer programs that facilitate trading of financial products such as stocks and currencies. Trading software have proliferated in recent years due to the growing popularity of electronic communication networks or ECNs, which are alternative trading networks that enable trading outside of the traditional stock exchanges or bourses.
The software should be easy to navigate and, stable, and at the very least extremely secure. There are very few tools available for the stock market to do technical and fundamental analysis.

As an educated investor you need a technical analysis tool flexible enough to adapt to your trading style and quickly complete a wide range of tasks. 3)( Only for IGSIndia user ) First time when you click on stock, It is downloaded from our website, which can take time and frustrate you, So use DataManager to download all stocks parallel and as a background thread.
Software is usually provided by brokerage firms that enable their clients to trade financial products and manage their accounts. ECNs have driven down transaction costs sharply, enabling many discount and full-service brokerages to offer trading software to their clients at little or no cost.

Different brokerages will have different software which determines the interface in which trades are made and information is searched. Other software can be purchased from third parties to enhance or add to what a brokerage provides.

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