OSTC Wales is set to establish the largest trading floor in the UK outside of London in a major expansion supported by the Welsh Government.
A team of Vietnamese students from a London-based graduate school was awarded the first prize on Sunday at a virtual stock exchange competition organized in the UK by Vietnamese students there. CXA, of the Cass Business School, won the contest after four hours of breathtaking competition and was granted a prize of £1,500.
Lasting for nearly three months, the competition created a useful playground for Vietnamese students to apply their knowledge on a trial version of the London Stock Exchange.

The five best teams from leading universities in the United Kingdom, including the University College of London, Imperial College, Warwick University, Cass Business School, Exeter University, and Sheffield University and LSC, made it to the final round over ten virtual trading weeks, starting last November. Finalists showed off their knowledge and proved their in-depth understanding of the stock market throughout the final round, comprising three main parts, multiple choice questions, case study analysis and debate. The contest was co-organized by VietPro (Vietnamese Professionals in the UK - Association of Vietnamese Intellectuals in the UK) and the Vietnamese Student Society at the University City University of London.
In 2014, over three million young people across the world took part in Global Money Week, participating in activities organised by schools, universities, government ministries, central banks, financial institutions and members of the civil society.

After the opening ceremony, CEO of London Stock Exchange, Alexander Justham gave a welcome speech to guests followed by Founder of Global Money Week, Jeroo Billimoria, who talked to the students about the importance of money and how Global Money Week is supporting the next generation of business leaders. This expansion follows on the heels of another project announced earlier this year and supported by the Wales Economic Growth Fund that will see OSTC create 19 jobs as a new team is set up to specialise in power trading markets.

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