Stock market table analysis, calculator and pen indicates research and analysis, vertical orientation. Business people developing a business project and analyzing market data information on a modern digital tablet computer.
Every bear market has begun after the distribution day count reached 5 or 6 in a 25 trading day period. Using this stock market historical data and studying specific examples from the stock market past, make it easier to put current market moves in context, while making informed decision.

The 1970s are another great example of history repeating itself in regards to the stock market. It is clear that the 1929 stock market crash reflected in the Dow index overlays almost perfectly against the 2001 Nasdaq index break.
Through these rigorous studies, Bill O’Neil originated a disciplined and practiced investment philosophy that has become the foundation of our product lines and is the basis for our renowned stock charts. It is our belief that history repeats itself in the stock market because human nature and investor psychology don’t change.

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