Don’t be disappointed though, as the scenario is slowly changing with the London Stock Exchange recently switching to Linux.
Also, Linux boasts of developers who come from all walks of life, thus, there are a few applications that will come in handy for those who are into stock market and investing who prefer to use this platform.
JStock makes it easy for you to monitor the stock market with its slick indicator that grabs public data from Yahoo! If you’re interested in only a select number of stock markets, you can create separate watchlists for your convenience.

JStock allows you to create unlimited number of such watchlists.JStock also lets you manage your stock portfolio by calculating your net stock worth, recording your buy and sell record. To remind yourself about a particular stock you’ve your eye on, you can put a sticky note next to it. Either you can sit at your computer all day monitoring the numbers, or you could sit back, relax and let JStock do that for you. For folks who are crazy about stats, JStock also offers summary charts of your investment history, dividend payout and much more.Finally, to make sure your data is always backed up and safe, JStock offers you cloud storage with which you can easily sync all your stock data across different computers.

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