Our extensive technical and fundamental scanning features presented in an easy to use format will make stock analysis a simple process.
Patterns & Events Scanner Our comprehensive patterns scanner enables you to find all stocks that exhibit trading patterns including ascending triangles, support and resistance lines, custom trend line break and more. The Pro Trader programme is very easy to use however, as a bonus, comes with heaps of support including a Talk by experienced trader and respected industry professional Frank Watkins each Friday, on current market conditions.
Not only is the Pro Trader Charting package brilliant in it's simplicity but the training modules are the BEST I have come across anywhere.
I have used Pro Trader for 10 years.I essentially trade short term and have found the indicators to be invaluable. If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then Pro Trader graphs are great pictures! Take a FREE test drive of Pro Trader - it's the easiest way to find if our software is of value to you. Disclaimer: Any financial product information contained in this website is general information only and has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. In 1987, Ed was recruited out of the military and hired by Microsoft where he held the positions  of software design engineer and project manager.
Gold stocks enable gold investors to diversify their gold portfolio by investing into actual gold mining companies opposed to buying physical gold coins and bars.

The best gold stock investment advice is to understand that buying into precious metals stock market you are not investing into the actual spot price of gold but rather into production performance of a gold mining corporation.
Consider our gold stock investment advice and stick to well known gold mining companies like Barrick Gold (ABX), Newmont Mining (NEM) and Goldcorp Inc (GG)., just to name a few. The last but not least gold stock investment advice is to entirely avoid gold penny stocks. If you implement gold investing strategies that top gold investment companies use and view precious metals stocks as just an addition to your well diversified portfolio, you will be on the right track. My thanks go to Frank Watkins and his Pro Trader team for what is becoming a very lucrative and happy working relationship. You set your own parameters which you can trial by backtracking until you get the set which suits your style of trading.Their support team is efficient and pleasant. The program is so easy to use, with a very powerful scanning ability to search out suitable stocks. You have many options ranging from buying physical gold, gold ETFs, gold futures and, finally, participating in gold stock market. Investing in gold stock market requires not only thorough knowledge of gold as a commodity but strong stock analytical skills that allow you read various financial reports and point out top gold mining companies that are worth looking into.
Look for companies that position their gold mining sites in politically stable areas, are focused on lowering their production costs and are constantly working on new sites exploration.

Educate yourself on how to read stock performance charts and which entry and exit points are the best for a particular gold stock.
Gold stock market is already a very volatile environment, do not additionally risk your investments to the performance of obscure unknown penny stock companies that can emerge and go under practically overnight. You don't need to spend weeks or months learning how to use your software, instead you can devote your time to finding profitable trades.
It also allows you to quickly follow and review all the shares you may be interested in, with the ability to superimpose many of the standard indicators used by traders and investors on each graph. If you are looking for gold investment advice, below we provide gold stock investment advice for the volatile world of precious metals stock market.
Keeping up with gold mining community news is an added bonus enabling you to stay informed about major gold stock trends. In addition, it is very important that a gold mining company implements humane labor practices and works on reducing the number of mining sites accidents by providing safe work environment. Set aside a portion of your portfolios for gold stock investment and try not to over leverage yourself.

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