By combining renko day trading into a system and method has been done to increase the profitability of system trading only. However, the Tactical Trading method strategies had actually been developed in mid-1995, while trading OEX options and managing a commodity trading portfolio. I found that the same trading method strategies fit index futures day trading, as well as stock and ETF position trading very well.  This was important to me, because I wanted the ‘core’ method concepts for trading price continuation setups, to ‘fit’ all time frames and underlyings.
And then in 2013, renko chart trading strategies were added to the Tactical Trading method. Tactical Trading Strategies now includes training for renko chart emini futures day trading, along with position trading using stocks and options combination trades.

And of particular note is how well a stock options trading strategy combination can work together for increasing risk reward and trade protection.
For instance, a short put long call combination may be entered at support, when the stock is short.  If the price swing would reverse and continue going up, then the option synthetic trade would be long instead of a short hedge.
But if the move continued down after the short put trade, the stock short would cover the put sell from being a naked short.
And like the chart discussion above, I especially want to talk about how our combination stock option trading strategies reduce the risk for stock trades and short option trades. Before starting the video, I also want to make some comments specific to price and trading indicators.

Although we do use indicators for trading, these are used as additional setup and chart reading information and not as trading signals. Our trading method is first focused on significant chart prices and the price action and patterns that occur there – and when going into a new trading period, it is very important to bring the relevant prices from the left side. A put option provides the buyer with the right  - but no the obligation - to sell the underlying item at the strike price at any time during the expiration.

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