The Ultimate Trading Machine Manual included with your course package has several key sections. Steve and Ken’s most comprehensive trading system was captured during two entire LIVE market sessions, so you can see how to use the top candle chart and western technical breakouts illustrated with realtime markets. This takes you to the upper level of knowledge with a special focus on the real world practical application of trading tactics taught in the Traders’ Secrets 7-DVD system.

In this 14 DVD set, to solidify what you learned Steve’s has dozens of “what would you do here” charts and, for the first time on video, shows how he does real time market analysis. You’ll get a fast, power-packed dose of specifically how to trade each day — and learn exactly how to trade ALL of these trading setups, once you put these live-market techniques and skills to work as you learn exactly how our combined trading approach works. The manual is a concise and easy to follow guide with charts, tables and content that will assist you in getting started quickly with the course and mastering the strategy.

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