When there are sudden market drops, investors are likely to focus on other perceived negatives – this is just human nature. Of course, whether a dip in the market is indicative of further falls to come is extremely difficult to predict. The chart above (courtesy JP Morgan) demonstrates the cost to an investor of being out of the market at the wrong time. Putting some of the recent market drops into perspective, by far the biggest has been the Chinese stock market.

But please also note that over the last 12 months, it is still over 38% higher than where it stood a year ago on September 3, 2014!
Clearly, when the FTSE, the Dow Jones, the European markets and Asian markets all take a hit it is cause for concern. A serious long-term fall in world financial markets needs to be accompanied by a serious worldwide recession, and we simply do not have that situation at present.
And remember, the automated trading programs plugged into the markets nowadays control literally ? billions (if not ? trillions) of assets, and if they trigger we can see huge sudden shifts in stock prices – in the USA massive blue chips like Microsoft lost up to 10% in a very short period before mostly recovering.

The chart below shows how staying invested is likely to be better in the long term than trying to jump in and out of the market.
Going forward, we may see a fairly rapid recovery in those markets where the fundamentals remain unchanged.

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