CloseCan you Become a Successful Stock Market Trader Stock market trader recognize that money cannot be made easily all the time in the market.
On a recent roller-coaster ride, many people lost money, however a few patient investors who held on to solid blue chips are making good returns.The sentiment towards investing is not positive, however, some people want to enter markets to atleast make a small gain in the short term. There are some who go solo and gradually build their experience using their own trades, however this is a long learning process.
However, once you start trading with your money practically, you will realize that you are lost and need to learn more. This is insane because you need to be closely wired to the market to monitor your position or keep stop-losses or book profits.

Although you can do investing without spending much time, trading is a different game where you need to be alert all the time.Some experts also recommend strategies such as Options Writing which does not require full-time attention. However, to become a master in this you will need a strong experience in derivatives trading and be prepared for the unexpected and know how to deal with it.Hence, for people who are already working in other professions its not a good idea to venture in to trading. Your success or failure depends not only on your capabilities but also on the market conditions, how you are able to practically implement your learning, etc. Unless you are well-versed in both you should not be doing this in the first place.Secondly, lets say you buy a stock for trading and it incurs 5% loss. This will block your capital (restrict further traders) and if stock drops further (another 4%) your capital will erode further.

Instead of keeping the stock you should sell it and book your losses so that your losses are limited to that extent (5%).

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