Use GTA 5 cheat, codes for PS3 and Xbox 360 to make your Grand Theft Auto experience even more exciting. Since the latest installment of Rockstar North's open-world action adventure video game offers a more complicated gameplay and such a huge map, many fans of Grand Theft Auto 5 are in the lookout for GTA 5 cheats, codes for PS3 and Xbox 360. For instance, one of the websites with a comprehensive list of GTA 5 cheats, codes for PS3 and Xbox 360 is Cheat Code Central. Stock Market, although not a mini-game is one such addition, and it brings a new dynamic to the game. Stock Market in GTA 5 works similar to the real-World stock market with corporate rivals fighting it out to maintain their respective position. Value of the stocks is affected not only by in-game events but also by the different purchases you will be doing during the course of your playthrough.
BAWSAQ is influenced by the actions of the players in Rockstar Social Club; actions by the community will drive prices up and down in this stock market.
Following table summarizes the whole competition between the companies and how you can manipulate the market to earn profits from your stocks.
During the story, Franklin will come across Lester who will offer him missions in which he will have to assassinate a target. The Bus Assassination affects the stock price of Vapid but make sure you buy the stock after completing the mission.
Do note that eliminating these targets, value of your stocks will increase by a maximum of five percent and that percentage will remain for the next 5-10 minutes before it drops to half and eventually returning back to its normal value.
Similarly, prices of less than desirable stocks at the launch (HAL) have sharply increased and continue to rise because majority of the community has shifted their interest towards these low-value stocks. This is a perfect example of how BAWSAQ works and how you can make money from that market but it requires a lot of conviction and guesswork at your end.
Stock market is there for you to make money even after you are done with Assassination Missions, but that would require your ability to predict trends.
Still, there are few pointers you can keep in mind while investing in stocks post assassination missions. Using the graphs I talked about earlier you need to buy the stocks when they are going down, a trough. In any case, every stock that goes down will eventually come to the price point where you bought it so you can always sell them to break even, but that might require patience at your end.
Do not invest in the stocks that are highly positive or general trend setters of the market. From time to time, you may have to calculate the average price of the stock by taking the lowest and the highest value. Make sure you buy the stock when its current price is close to its lowest if you want to make some profit from that investment. LCN window of opportunity is five consecutive sleep cycles if you have bought the stock at lowest price or near it and according to the trend, it will go up.

There will always be a sharp increase or sharp decline giving you a great opportunity to make money from stock investments. If it is difficult for you to understand these mechanics, you should stick to LCN and come to BAWSAQ only if you are ready for the losses that might result because of a random behavior of the GTA 5 community.
I haven’t tried it myself yet, but supposedly you can manipulate the stock values of FlyUS and AirEmu by blowing op planes. I think some people think that right after you destroy trucks, the stock automatically updates. Except for that after you’ve done 100% of the missions the stock market is completely random. I’ve been working on the stock market since the beginning of the game and kept on building my net worth from the start. If this cant be done, keep an eye on stocks on LCN, cluckingbell has fallen from 260+ to 158.
The market updates itself every so often, people don’t seem to understands that and think it changes exactly as soon as you destroy rivals stuff.
Also anyone that asserts you can influence the stocks by destroying the competition is bullshitting. It most certainly does work, I went to Up an Atom, got out a minigun and cut down a heap of the customers, tossed a few sticky bombs on the building and the stock dropped to -101%, bought up the stock and waited a while before hitting Burger Shot, and now the stocks of Up an Atom are hitting the positives, bring on the profit! It would work in real life but that would be called inside trading which is a federal offense, ask Martha Stewart, but because GTA encourages crime, inside trading is the best way to go.
You can go an blow up the entire Cluckin Bell factory and the stock doesn’t change on bit.
GTA 4 cheats don't appear to work in GTA 5 but some older cheats do work for the Xbox 360 and PS3. To earn more money, you can exploit the stock market by investing in one company and then robbing its rival business. All the basics principles of economics pretty much play a role in the in-game stock trading. It may sound simple but to successfully pull it off; you will need tips about the expected future behavior of the stocks. For example, if community starts destroying one type of car, it will affect the stock related to it in BAWSAQ.
What you need to do is invest in one company and then destroy its rival to increase the value of your stock leading to profit.
All these assassinations have something to do with a stock of the company the target is associated with. Do the assassination missions when you can invest at least a million in stocks so that you can make more money with those.
Make sure you frequently refresh the market to note the price trend and make a decision based on that.

The catch is, that’s a more updated market than in-game so you will know where the market is heading before hand and you can make a smart investment.
How good are you at predicting the stock market trends will determine how much money you can make. Always study the graphs of stock performance that you are provided before making a purchase. Notice the downward and upward movement of stock price in these graphs and try to come up with a hypothetical value of how much profit potential the stock has. At that point, you need to invest money in that stock and sell it when it reaches its high point as per the past trend; it requires an educated guess, but you get the idea. Keep an eye on the return on investment of your stocks, the moment it reaches around 10% for LCN stocks and around 30-40% for BAWSAQ, it’s time to sell all the stocks. Another important observation is, stocks that are going up will rise quickly and stocks that are going down, will do so quickly. Which is odd since through those missions the stock market shines and are stock market centric. I’ve invested in several stock that were at an all time minimum, tried to support these businesses(killing their rivals, listening to their radio station etc.
Listened to worldwide for like 3 hours to drop RLS stocks, didn’t drop at all, decided to invest in RLS after all, and tried to up the RLS stock as they were at an all time low.
Listen to radio regularly for tips of which stock is expected to perform better in the future and make sure you listen to pre and post-mission briefings.
In Bike Thief City #1, return the bike to the owner to get $100,000 reward in AnimalArk stock by the care free millennial generation founder. The Big Score affects the stock price of Gold Coast, but you need to buy the stock before completing the heist. Make sure you wait for these assassination missions before investing in stock market and when you are ready to do these missions, invest the money all your characters have in to those stocks.
You need to be actively checking stock market so that you do not miss the window to sell the stocks at profit. But catch on quick, and GTA V stock exchange on reddit has people posting stuff from BAWSAQ to, as its realtime, and afflicted by what people trough the rockstar community do. I know it seems weird as their stocks have crashed but if you don’t do it right away their stocks will start going up.

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