Of the four main asset classes, stocks generally offer the widest variety to binary options traders.
We welcome contributions from entrepreneurs in financial technology with something worth saying about markets, money and financial technology. These types of day traders follow the trend of the market and look to buy stocks that are rising and sell stocks that are falling.
This is also a market timing strategy, but unlike trend following, these day traders are expecting the prevailing trend to change and as such will buy stocks they feel have fallen too far and sell stocks that have risen too far. These traders looks for stocks that are range bound and identify support and resistance levels at which to buy (in the case of support) or sell (resistance). Scalping was originally referred to as spread trading and is a style where traders take advantage of small gaps created by the bid-ask spread. It was estimated that in 2005 nearly one-third of all trading on the US markets were made by automated trading methods and computers.

So there you have a brief explanation of what is stock market day trading as well as a real life day trading example.
A quick glance at the asset list of any broker will show that stock options are presented in greater numbers.
Scalping is a quick fire trading method where positions are entered and closed within minutes or even seconds. Some traders will also enter trades just after the news announcement in the hope that the market will agree with their opinion on whether the news was good or bad.
These computer programs use automated algorithms and high-frequency trading in order to make profits. Let’s look at that in a bit more detail and see if we can come up with some tips for day trading stocks and options. The idea here is that once the support or resistance is broken, the stock will continue in the direction until it find new support and resistance levels.

News announcements usually result in significant volatility on a stock in a short period of time. Serious online day trading is a very risky business and you should do appropriate research before deciding if it is for you.
Today was a significant down day (as of writing the SPY is -1.11%), but as you can see, I was still able to make a small profit on the long side by following my trading rules. I took my profits quickly on this trade as there has been a distinct bearish tone all day with oil trading up around $106 and the unrest in the Middle East.

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