This stock chart has the ability to scroll across historical share price data and yet allows the user to zoom into any specific portion that may need to be studied with greater detail.
The stock chart above that has two controls – the first one allows to you move across a timeline and view changes in share price and volume over the complete time horizon.
If you followed all these steps closely, you would have observed that we did not use VBA code anywhere in this example although I may add, that the results was as good looking as the Google stock chart. I’ve just emailed you a new version of your dynamic stock chart that is way more efficient. Also I am creating the chart using Pivot tables, so all the formatting of normal chart is applicable, but I am not able to change the order of the columns. There are candlestick stock charts, line and bar stock charts, “Kagi” stock charts, moving average stock charts and everything in between. This is something that would’ve taken me more than a few page refreshes to achieve using a conventional stock chart (something that is still used by a number of financial service providers even today). Place the data required for the stock chart (stock price and volume in our case) in an excel spreadsheet.

Once you have the scroll functionality working on the stock chart, its time to add the functionality to stretch the graph.
To add the stretch-collapse functionality to the stock chart, repeat step 7 to add another scrollbar within the chart.
Till the time the base data changes as the user moves the scrollbar around, any chart will work including the candle-stick stock chart. For a financial service provider how to present financial information pertaining to a specific stock can a critical question.
And that got me thinking, is there a way to make a stock chart in excel that has both these abilities.
Now play around with the second scrollbar and you should see the stock chart stretch or expand as you drag it with the mouse.
The good news is that I was able to get pretty close to creating a similar looking stock chart with scroll and zoom. The obvious advantage of using this type of a chart is that rather than having a large number of smaller charts to study the stock’s behavior over a period of time, you can use a single chart to view the entire available data in one go and narrow down into specific portions the stock chart that warrant closer scrutiny.

Simple play around with the scrollbar, drag it around and you will see that the chart scrolls along the x-axis. You can use any cell in the spreadsheet for that purpose such that it does not interfere with the chart data.
Interesting to note is that both Yahoo and Google tend to use the same type of stock chart displays though personally I tend to use the former. You will have to create as many of these named ranges as the number of data series you want to show on your chart (plus one for the label).

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