When we started perusing the restaurant and bar client list from Gi Paoletti Design Lab, there were office-wide gasps.
Gi's had a hand in designing many of our favorite commercial spaces in San Francisco, and based on the lack of reservations and lines out the door, we know the nightlife hordes agree. Gi told us she worked in the restaurant and and nightclub business right out of college, and her experience has clearly paid off. In my own space I've used every "trick of the trade" I know to make it seem bigger and brighter than it is, including enlisting the knowledge of the AV people I know so that I can hide all of my components.
When you walk into my living room you only see the flat screen TV on the wall and some speakers - I love remote jumpers that send signals through walls.2. Whomever has a large yacht, likes my style, and wants to take a chance on me is who I would want to do if for! 3.

I worked on the Sybase Headquarters in Dublin and it was the first local project I did so my parents could go to see it. I've also worked in Australia and South Korea and there is something magical about leaving a valuable piece of yourself behind for others to enjoy.
Don't get me wrong though, I also love each and every restaurant and bar I've designed because my friends and family get to enjoy them.
My clients are fantastic people and I love to be able to walk up the street to see a place I've designed packed with customers.4.
I'd hang it in the center of the space and enjoy 360 degrees of that dream house of mine.5. I think designing a piece and having it made gives you a better product at a better price and let's face it; it keeps our local economy strong.

I happen to be in Italy now, and whenever I am here I visit showrooms and manufacturers to see what is happening and see if there is anything I can source. I visited the Tarpac showroom and was blown away by the amazing detailing and quality of their cabinetry - they are doing a lot of work in Russia and China. If it weren't for that, I would probably have an amazing disaster story for you - I tend to think I am more capable than I am. I can't say there is any one trend I am excited about right now, however; I am ready to move away from the concrete, brick and wood combination we have all seen so much of over the last couple of years.

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