Our unique day and swing trading service that combines education and day trading alerts in one service.
The Trading Pit for me is not only a place where calls are made but more important a learning tool. I did read a few books until last November I find your web site and I got your book and did read that cover to cover, I can't say I understood everything but little by little just about every day I refer to it and understand it better.
I am sure you have notice that recently I started my green days and that is because I learned to listen to you more carefully like( take the gain when its possible and don't take big loss, sell it while loss is small), And last but not least( charts are not just color full lines). The combination of enthusiasm, trust, and ignorance, along with the advice from "that other trading desk" relieved me of over $250,000 in a little less than one year. Thankfully, I "re-located" [to Undergroundtrader] and with the expert training provided at the Pit, have managed a slow, but consistent, recovery. After adapting your approach of basket stocks and sticking with them throughout 2001, my CyBerTrader margin account was profitable on every stock that I traded.
In the IRA, using the guidance that Ral provided, I used covered calls to generate 18.2% in income over the base price paid in the last eleven months, to increase share size without additional cash input. In this era of "pump and dump" maniacal volatility you and your staff are a welcome breath of Fresh air. Anyone that subscribes to the line that day traders are the market villains should spend some Time in the pit to observe the high level of integrity and professionalism to which you adhere And demand of your members. But with your and Ral's help, and lots of studying, I have turned the corner and on my way back up.
The daily gross (excluding commissions) of my trading account has recently been positive for 34 straight trading days, netting a positive day 85% of the time. We firmly believe that you cannot learn and consistently make money with day trading by just blindly copying the trades of someone, because (1) you will always be a few cents late on the entry, (2) you will always be a few cents late on the exit, and (3) you won’t understand the rationale for the entry unless the person explains it in detail to you not just after the trade, but ideally before and during a trade. We only trade mid-cap (such as CRM, FEYE, KITE, FB) and blue-chip, large-cap stocks (like AAPL, AMZN, FB), because they are easier for new day traders to trade.

You need a $25,000 balance in your trading account and access to margin that would allow you to buy up to $100,000 (i.e. Our friendly lawyers advised us not to promise anything and openly warn you of the risks of day trading and swing trading. Our live day and swing trading chat room allows you to shadow successful day trader and published author Jea Yu every single day, and watch and hear him enter his trades. Real-time analysis and alerts: In our day trading room, Jea alerts his trades in real-time with clear entry, exit, stop suggestions.
Ask questions: Throughout the day, ask Jea about any stocks you are thinking about trading and Jea will explain whether or not he thinks it’s a sound day trading set-up. To read your material is one thing, but to have that "in your face" approach which you brandish with such glee (yes, that's a compliment) is essential & invaluable encouragement and support for a novice like myself. For last month Every day I have been in the pit I see you doing great job of not only giving us ALERT'S but teaching us . Through my consistent daily trading profits from following your methods, my wife and I have been able to pay off the mortgage on our house..
There are so many questions coming your way and yet you make us feel like we are with you one on one. I've been a member since September, and cannot imagine trying to daytrade without your and the pit's support. I can't express how much I feel you have helped me round out my trading, and can only imagine how taxing it is at your end. After the free trial period, you will be charged the stated subscription fee. Please note that the video and education section is available only to paying members, and will be activated automatically after the free trial period. You hear us alert our trades in real-time with clear entries, exits, stops, and position size announcements, so you know we’re the real deal. For example, when we alert a swing trade via email or SMS, you typically have up to an hour to get an entry or exit price within +- 1% of our entry or exit price.

Before, during and after a day trade that Jea alerts, you can watch and hear him – in real-time – comment on how a trade is developing. I primarily did swing trading and figured that instant level II access would only improve my results. Anyway I am a new member of pit (one month) I did paper trade for few weeks before entering the pit then and started with 100 and move to 200 shares at first I did lost a little bit but finally I learned my lesson and started to stop loss management and practice it. Not only do we provide our full day trading system as part of your subscription fee, so there’s no separate course to purchase, but we provide ongoing, real-time mentorship in the day trading chat room every single day. Trade along with us, and you’ll realize within a few minutes that our performance is very real.
My wife (a native of Taiwan) is learning about daytrading too, and she is a big fan of your book, site, and methods as well.
In fact, you can lose some or all of your money day trading, if you lack the right skills, platform and risk management approach. You need to build a sound foundation first, and might want to paper trade using a trading simulator.
This was a dark and unclear subject for me, I started some reading and , tell you that I like to do my home work. To tell you the truth I was ready to walk away from daytrading and simply depend on my mutual funds. I'm still a little cautious though because I have thought this in the past and it turned out that the light was just starting to flicker but it has never felt like this before.

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