SCB checked that I have sufficient funds in my account but the actual deduction will take place on 23 October. Inspired  by Bully the Bear post, here is a timetable on what to expect if you own Croesus shares in Standard Chartered Online Trading account and intend to participate in the rights issue. Do also note that you must have sufficient money in your trading account before calling SCB. For those who applied via a non custodian brokerage, you can log into CDP account to check.

Kindly ensure your account is funded at the point of instruction if you wish to participate in the Corporate Action.
Although SCB says that they are open 24hrs, I suspect that their trading representatives work only during office hours.
It is always prudent to check your CPD account or your trading account for the allocated rights.
SCB account holders, please note that you only have 5 working days or up to this Friday 5pm to take action.

The trading representatives are the people who will execute your instructions and not the call centre representatives.

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