For long south Africa has held the position of the most popular foreign investors attraction in Africa, but this is changing fast due to the fact that most of the sectors in the Africa’s biggest economy have already been taken and held tightly by former investors thus leaving very few spots in the economy for new investors. Naspers, Yola and Mxit are the top three biggest internet companies in South Africa, while Naspers is among the top three biggest internet companies in the world, according to research by global market researcher World Startup Wiki. Naspers is valued at an estimated $52 billion (around R520 billion) and is the only company in Africa that falls within the billion dollar bracket.
World Startup Wiki examined 150 companies from 50 countries around the world to determine each country’s top three internet companies.

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Its large population makes it an ideal market for consumer products and other ventures such as real estate, telecommunications and agribusiness. We cover far more of the latter than the former, in fact, and aim to make this the number one community for genuinely interesting stuff that’s coming from South Africa and the rest of the continent.

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