A really simple method traders can apply on any time frame is the 10 and 100 moving average system to determine price direction. Most novice traders seem to think that more indicators and information is required from a chart to identify a trend but the fact is simple is superior and less is more.
Anyone who spends time with Javid will quickly realise that his overall offering comes from his raw passion of trading and this is the type of mentoring that is essential for anybody who seriously wishes to become a forex trader.

All the knowledge I had obtained had largely been self taught through reading many books on technical analysis, the psychology of trading as well as spending countless hours watching videos on technical analysis. Before starting the webinars our Trading day would be spent in front of our computers watching the markets for trading opportunities, which involved a lot of stress and a lot of losses. In addition, I had attended a 2 day seminar on technical analysis, along with attending several free seminars on forex trading, all in my quest to find someone who has a genuine track record of consistent success in trading currencies.

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