Our courses are so easy and engaging that schools all around the world are adopting our the Quran courses. The QURANIC Courses that help you to read, understand & Implement the QURAN in your daily life. The 123 forex trading system is a very simple swing forex trading system that many swing traders will definitely find it much easier compared to other much more advanced swing trading strategies and systems. The 1-2-3 trading system works by identifying areas of support and resistence that are formed as the market is trending and trades are entered on the break of these support or resistence levels. Analysis Paralysis-if you  have a forex trading system that has so many things that you need to do before placing a trade and even if an opportunity comes to take a trade, you don’t take it or you may miss it.

After a while, you find that you are mentally spent and when you are not making any money at all from using the system, you start to not follow the trading systems rules at all-you start breaking it! Learn to understand the big picture…which means, if you are trading off the 1hr chart, you need to be aware of what the bigger trend is in the 4hr chart or the daily chart.
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To reload another bullet, the gun has to eject the previous bullets shell casing, and when that happens in the market, the price falls a bit before the next bullet makes the market go bursting up.After all 5 bullets are fired, the gun can't fire no more.
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