Recently, Don Harrold came out with a YouTube video on how silver has been a poor inflation hedge since 1914 as it has underperformed its expected price for most of the time. In this part of his video he brings back an interview of what he said about silver in 2011, when silver had shot up to $43 on ounce.  Basically, Harrold was saying that he was not a buyer of silver at time because the current price had shot way above its expected price based on the inflation rate. Harrold provides this screen shot in his video to show that silver had way out performed its expected priced (base on inflation) in two periods. Harrold includes a table that shows this rate of chance since 1914.  He explains that for most of the years since 1914, silver has been a lousy inflation hedge. Again, Harrold’s logic on the silver inflation price trend at face value is correct.  You cannot deny this chart except by one LARGE FACTOR. That is why I believe valuing silver as an inflation hedge as Harrold has done will become increasingly worthless as the U.S. The huge Interest Rate Swap market which is by far the largest amount of derivatives on the planet has destroyed the real rate of interest and the ability to value of goods and services properly. Silver and Gold will become great stores of value and excellent investments in the future due to Peaking of the Driver of the Economy — ENERGY.
Examine the following ratio of (1 trillion times paper COMEX) silver to official US national debt. Examine the following graph of monthly paper COMEX silver prices on a log scale back to 1988.
Note that silver has fallen hard in the past 4.5 years and has returned to its 200 month moving average – the green line – which is a severe correction. Silver prices are erratic but on average they rise along with national debt, government spending, and currency in circulation. It is difficult to quantify but I think we can safely assume that silver prices will also rise based on increasing warfare in the Middle-East, increasing fiscal and monetary insanity, and increasing foreign policy stupidity.

Silver price ratios (paper COMEX) are near historical lows compared to both the S&P 500 Index and the official US national debt. For More details on Trade & High Accuracy Trading Tips and ideas - Subscribe to our Trade Advisory Plans.
I submit that unbacked fiat paper money will, based on history, never stop losing value – as long as it is backed by dodgy sovereign debt issued by governments descending deeper into debt ever year.
Consider silver ratios to the S&P 500 Index, the official US national debt, and others. Silver is at the low end of its long-term range indicating that the S&P has been levitated by QE and central bank policies while paper silver prices have been crushed.
Silver is at the low end of its long-term range indicating that silver prices are low compared to the national debt, which has increased consistently for a century. They will probably succeed since they own the legal “printing presses” and consequently we should expect erratically higher gold and silver prices in the relatively near future. A viable alternative is currency backed by gold and silver, but even though precious metals have been used successfully as money for centuries, there is far more profit for TPTB when they use the paper stuff. Massive profits came from levitating the S&P so this is sensible, but the ratio indicates that silver is likely to substantially increase in price over the next several years. The ratio indicates that silver is likely to substantially increase in price over the next several years. The prices for silver and gold will eventually reflect their scarcity, their high demand, and the ease with which central banks can devalue their currencies. Amazingly, this group didn’t believed or just not interested on paper assets like on stock market trading. And voila… it can be done online after all, buying physical or actual precious stones like gold and silver and deliver to our doorsteps in just few days or weeks depending to our address location or country.

However, we as human are always fascinated with silver and gold stretches back to ancient times. Since as early as 700 BC, Mesopotamia traders used silver as a form of exchange for business.
Today, majority of the people throughout the world distinguish silver’s intrinsic value and have made it popular as an affordable investment than gold.For an average investor like me, silver can be an effective means of diversifying our investment asset and protecting it against the inflation.
The value of silver also varies on the country’s economy, the price may move slower when our economy is strong.
But for silver coins, true value can be also determined primarily by its age and circulation, plus the silver market price.
And not to mention, our country has huge of this raw materials, try visiting small scale mining sites on our local vicinity is another best option for sources.To have an idea about the price movement of silver of the pass years, check below charts. And as a beginner, I decided to collect more Philippine silver coins; commonwealth era like US-Philippines released. Since the supply is quite more accessible yet than other latest silver commemorative and US or foreign coins. But in back of my mind, how I wished to have also some US eagle, Canadian Leaf & Chinese Panda silvers to part to my collection in the near future.

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