In a recent column, we discussed an underwater homeowner’s options when dealing with the sale of their home. In August 2015, GE announced it was selling its health care finance division to the credit card lender Capital One Financial. Find out why you should avoid these five stocks, especially with expectations that the Federal Reserve will begin raising U.S.
Short selling and put options are essentially bearish strategies used to speculate on a potential decline in a security or index, or to hedge downside risk in a portfolio or specific stock. Short selling involves the sale of a security that is not owned by the seller, but has been borrowed and then sold in the market. Put options offer an alternative route of taking a bearish position on a security or index. As a stock investor, your strategy depends on your objectives and what you are trying to accomplish. Technology stocks are all the rage, but the danger with technology is how quickly it changes. Several blue chip stocks have proven that buy-and-hold investing still works, even after the huge declines of the Great Recession.
FREE Shipping on Orders $29+ DetailsAll orders $29 or more (before taxes and shipping) are eligible for Free US Economy Ground Shipping. If the lender releases that debt, the borrower received the benefit of the loan and for federal income tax purposes, the release of the debt obligation is income to that homeowner. That could change next year, but for now, our reader isn’t correct that going the short sale route would result in taxable income to the home seller and not if they simply walk away.

Short selling is an indirect way of hedging; for example, if you have a concentrated long position in large-cap technology stocks, you could short the Nasdaq-100 ETF as a way of hedging your technology exposure. With short sales, the reward is potentially limited (since the most that the stock can decline to is zero), while the risk is theoretically unlimited. The most common reasons to write a put are to earn premium income, and to acquire the stock at an effective price that is lower than the current market price.
Tesla manufactures electric cars and was the best-performing stock for the year on the Russell-1000 index, as of Sept. Investors wishing to chase massive returns and get rich quick look for stocks that are highly volatile. Active, aggressive investors only comprise a small component of the stock investing community. It is selling off these assets to scale back its business after issues with GE Capital threatened the parent company during the 2008 financial crisis. The company plans to return around $90 billion to investors through stock buybacks and dividends. If the stock declines as expected, the short seller would buy it back at a lower price in the market and pocket the difference, which is the profit on the short sale.
If the stock declines below the put strike price, the put will appreciate in price; conversely, if the stock stays above the strike price, the put will expire worthless. For example, assume a stock is trading at $35, but you are interested in acquiring it for a buck or two lower. They attempt to buy these stocks at a trough and sell them quickly after realizing nice gains.

In the case of StoneMor Partners, that return has increased steadily during the 21st century, and the company has never failed to pay a distribution. The remaining 10% is owned by Piero Ferrari, son of founder Enzo Ferrari, who is not selling. Continuing with the above example, if you were concerned about a possible decline in the technology sector, you could buy puts on the technology stocks in your portfolio. Of course, specific risks are attached to short selling that would make a short position on a bearish ETF a less-than-optimal way to gain long exposure.
When planning for retirement, it matters very little how well a stock performs over the next 24 hours; how it does over the next 24 years is much more important. While the stock had already doubled in the first five months of 2013 on growing enthusiasm for its Model S sedan, its parabolic move higher began on May 9, 2013, after the company reported its first-ever profit. The good ones make hundreds or, on some occasions, thousands of dollars per day buying and selling stocks at a rapid pace. However, there are a few things potential investors should know before purchasing stock in Ferrari.
In 2014, it had a 14% earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) margin, well ahead of its competitors. If the stock does not decline below $35 by the time the puts expire, the put option will expire worthless and the $1.50 premium represents your profit.

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