Miller & Milove is a leading business and securities law firm comprised of experienced and dedicated attorneys focusing on the recovery of investor losses due to deceptive or fraudulent investment sales practices. Conservative and retired investors seeking safe income producing investments have been defrauded in private placement securities offerings. In the current low interest rate environment, various Brokers, Investment Advisors, Accountants, Wealth Management and Financial Planning firms have ramped up marketing and sales of complex, commission rich and risky “Alternative Investments“ targeting those seeking safe income generating investments.

Securities regulators, such as FINRA, have warned brokers and investment professionals that “Alternative Investments”, such as Tenant In Common Real Estate offerings (TICs), 1031 Exchange products, Non-traded REITS and other real estate and oil and gas deals – all sold through “Private Placement” offerings – are unsuitable for most, if not all, retail investors.
Indeed, representatives of the private placement industry admit to the outright fraud of some promoters amongst their association.

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