His Tickit software has become a key product for TT, which rebranded the technology as Algo Design Lab, a system of algos that are easily pieced together and allow traders to make new trading systems quickly and safely in a virtual Lego-like fashion.
John Lothian News editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf spoke with Lane on Thursday about the new post, what he brings to the top post at TT and where the firm is going next. And that has allowed us to concentrate on the fun stuff at TT and focus on building trading solutions on top of that.

Rick Lane is the new chief executive officer of Trading Technologies, the private global trading software provider, the firm announced late Thursday. The former co-founder of Tickit Trading, which was acquired by Trading Technologies in 2010, has quickly risen from chief technology officer in April 2012 to the new CEO of TT. Obviously, with the release of TT Multi-broker last year, we’ve been making significant in-roads in the buy-side area and have a strong prop trading base.

Even if it’s someone who wants to see what this world of visual programing and low latency trading is all about.

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