Lastly, it is considered bad etiquette to directly solicit friends and customers for reviews. This entry was posted in Internet Marketing, Metro Studios General, Search Engine Optimization, Uncategorized and tagged online reputation managment, online reviews, tips to get more online reviews. Some provide straightforward business listings (online directories complete with businesses’ website URLs, e-mail addresses, map locations, and telephone numbers), while others – the online review sites, in particular – integrate user-generated content like check-ins, ratings, reviews, photos, and videos.
If you’re getting listed, it’s important to make sure that your business information is correct and consistent across all these review sites and online directories.
Include the site logo with your other social media links, “Follow us on…” Again, I would only link to the most responsible online review sites like Yelp. Many review sites offer point of sale materials, such as static clings and stickers that retailers can attach to their door or cash register to promote their site.

And we understand that it can be challenge just keeping up with how many sites there are and where to get listed. One of the coolest things about some of today’s established review sites is that they are crawled by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) and are typically highly visible in search engine results pages.
Contact ReviewTrackers today and discover how we can help you stay on top of the conversations taking place in online directories and review sites. He has helped tens of thousands of businesses hear, manage, and respond to what their customers are saying online. A survey by Brightlocal in 2013 found that a whopping 79% of respondents trust reviews as much as personal recommendations (a number that has increased from 72% the year before). But as a business owner, you want to be found by existing and potential customers through these online directories and review sites.

It doesn't even take any words to have an impact, with a Harvard Business Review study noting that additional stars on Yelp ratings translate to as much as 5-9% increase in revenue. We highly recommend that your listing be exactly the same in all sites you sign up for: same business name, same descriptions, same contact info, same map location, and same categories. With that in mind, let's jump to it and check out the ten make or break review sites online. That way, existing and potential customers know where exactly to find you while they’re browsing for information on these various directories and review sites.

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