Redwood Options has been one of the fastest-growing binary options brokers in a quite some time. The Redwood platform is very clean and easy to use, but so are most other good binary options platforms. We have trader with and reviewed Redwood twice now since they first launched, and we have always had very good experiences with their customer service team. Redwood actually has a great reputation in the community, but they do lack that long-established history that we usually look for in our favorite brokers for this industry. When it comes to serious Redwood Options complaints, or accusations of a Redwood Options scam, you can try all you might to find any supporting evidence for either and it will surely be for nothing. It puts brokers in an impossible position, and it is leaving us (I also am in the US) US-based binary options enthusiasts in a rough position with a rapidly declining pool of brokers to choose from. Redwood was able to establish a formidable client base very early, including some influential voices in the industry.

And actually, if you count pair options contracts that would make for a total of six trading options.
Another strong area for Redwood is in return rates, which is a good area to be strong in from a traders perspective. So, when doing any of our reviews we always take a close look at the education materials and strategy help that a broker makes available to its clients. The positive word-of-mouth in the binary options trading community, and the support of those influential industry voices combined to create a highly favorable atmosphere for Redwood to grow in. They offer the highest rates we know of on their 60-second options, and among the highest on the weekly one-touch variety.
You see, Redwood happens to be owned and operated by the same successful parent company that owns Traderush (who also offers a demo account), our all-time favorite broker. So the fact that it almost never happened in our thirty-days at Redwood is a pretty darn good sign.

This backing by a company which does have a years-long, established history for reliability and outstanding overall service gives Redwood a major leg-up in this department. Redwood Options can still easily keep up with the very best in the business and there can be no doubt that they are confirmed binary options bosses. Once you have followed those easy steps the folks at Redwood will do the rest and will have you set up with your free demo account in no time! Redwood Options is a solid choice of trading platform for any binary options trader and is definitely one to consider for your short-list. From an introductory binary options trading guide, to the video courses, a video academy, and even one-on-one couching, Redwood Options makes a great effort at providing quality education to their traders.

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