In an apparent justification of the gag imposed on petty tribal news related item the Interior minister said that reporting on clan issues gives the republic of Somaliland a bad image in the eyes of the international community where the quest for recognition as a sovereign country is intensifying.
Most hopefully the government shall also come up with a gag on assorted leadership which is normally the source of the reported pettish tribal and clan propagandas thence a much desired concerted efforts towards poverty alleviation regardless of benefiting area.
The Minister is completely right and we should agree all; that someone coming on the TV Screen and proclaiming tribal is not good for our country.

This is a good move and I support Warancade for his initiative to revoke license from any TV and newspaper that air senseless speeches that carry the venom of tribalism. The government should take steps to end this, and our people must understand that we don't need tribalism, but patriotism and respect to each other.

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