Unlocking the mystery behind day trading and making it a profession that will allow us to be our own bosses and play in with the Wall St.
The views about day trading are different, some financial managers will swear by it while others will take their risk management skills somewhere else. What we call Retail day traders is the work of a trader that works mostly on his own, some traders work as a group of traders. Institutional day traders – Those traders work for the institution that “got their back”! Choose your weapons: If you heard about trading desks, it is a term that is referring to the “front of the house” or the “front office”, traders that work for a company and provides instant options for selling and ordering so they can control the shifts in the market faster than other traders, independent day traders do not have a trading desk, they use different software to elevate their trade. Foreign Exchange (Forex), Commodities, Options, CFDs and other leveraged trading products involve substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone.Read more in our full Terms of Use & Privacy Policy page.
There are a few lines of work for day traders – let’s inspect the daily routine of a day trader that works independently compared to a day trader that works within a company.

When personal computers were introduced to the world it opened channels of communication and trading that never existed before and made retail day trading a valid option for all.
Trading news and swing trades are terms you will have to understand for example, terms that will help you navigate through the complex but not difficult world of trading. The company has been around for decades and is still considered one of the best in tern of analytics and accessible platform with an amazing outlet and guide to market information. A platform that provides a free trial and scans hundreds and options for you to explore from.
The software provides powerful analysing options and awesome chart view as well as a great mobile platform to work with on the go. The idea of day trading is based on a short term strategy, and requires understanding and knowledge of the financial asset you are dealing with.
If you have access to finance information, capital and a Wi-Fi connection, you can start practising being a day trader.

Being up to date with current event, world news and financial shifts and analytics in the market is a must for every successful day trader.
Some retail day traders will invest money from investors that would like to participate in the stock world but do not have the means or the knowledge. A back-up from accompany will open doors for large-scale trading where lots of money is involved.  Yes, supposedly traders that works within an institution will have an easier route approaching those trades, but the technology and the knowledge that is flooding the web and the communication methods on-line, made on-line retail traders into a regular thing. Some will deal with tens or hundreds of stocks or options in a day of work and some only a few, the range of behaviour in this field vary.
In some countries it is a legal manner for day traders to offer services as a financial consultant, not in the United States though, where it is forbidden.

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