It is recommended to join some of the Virtual Stock Exchange games and test your trading skills before you start trading with real money. The usage of virtual stock markets for newbie's to practice and master new skills and for families and friends to play versus each other has been expanding rapidly. Virtual Stocks Exchange Advanced Settings Among advanced settings you have the options to allow or not short selling, trading on margin, limit and stop-loss orders, set trading volume limitations, set default brokerage commission, set credit interest rate (default is 4%) and also debit interest rate for trading on leverage (default is 6%). Before Your First Virtual Trade Once you set up your own or join any available virtual trading games, you can post your first trade.

Our 'PORTFOLIO BUILDER' is a type of money management software that was designed to help you optimize you investment portfolio, according to your unique saving goals, yields expectations, risk tolerance and time horizon. Real-Time quotes and charts found anywhere on this site and makred with Dukascopy sign in the top right corner are based on CFD quotes provided from Dukascopy Free Web Products. Read about the rules of the game and also get familiar with the rules of the stock exchange you intend to trade and general trading rules as well.
Dukascopy is Swiss forex broker, which provides marketplace and highest liquidity for on-line forex trading.

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