People now do not need to go to a brokerage house in order to buy and sell shares of stock.
All of the brokerages have online trading platforms, and they have great tutorials to go along with them. If you have never bought or sold stocks, mutual funds, ETF, or traded in options, it is recommended that you go through the tutorials completely before trading. The companies even have practice time, where you can play the real stock market, but with paper money.

Another nice element is that you can start out small and pace yourself until you learn more and can start trading in larger amounts.
There are numerous online broker where anybody can trade with probably more tools at their disposal than ever existed to the public at large in all of the history of the market.
Even a complete novice can go to an online trading site, and learn how to trade just from going through the site’s tutorials.
The trading platform will have tactics and strategies all worked out for each stock, and if a person follows the directions for those programs, you can do pretty well.

You can be online all the time and make your trade any time that you wish, but the trade won’t actually be placed until the market is open the next day.

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