The chart shows a comparison of the daily trading volume, in billions of dollars, of the Forex market and the stock markets at New York, Tokyo and London. Round the globe, round the clock, Forex is traded by importers and exporters, huge multinational companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, traders, banks, speculators to pay for goods and services, take or repay loans, transfer funds, and a host of other reasons.
Currencies fluctuate because they are affected by the fortunes of the country they represent, which may be better or worse off compared to the currency at the opposite side of the transaction. Currencies get traded in the Forex spot market which, uniquely, does not have any fixed location or a centralized exchange for making the transactions! Trading these fluctuations, profitably, would be your objective as an Forex trader, and this book will help you do it. We will send email alerts as soon as the Forex analysis is updated.Request you to check the Junk (spam mail) folder immediately in case Google group mail is not received in Inbox.

This is essentially what happens in the Forex market where transactions take place in dozens of currencies from various countries which are bought or sold at the prices (exchange rates) quoted on the FX market. The value of a country’s currency is determined by a large number of factors, chief among them being its interest rates, the condition of its economy, foreign trade, inflation and political governance. The Forex market is an Over-The-Counter (OTC) market made up of a huge electronic network that connects banks, corporations, institutions, dealers and individuals across time zones and across financial centres in various corners of the globe. Any suggestion and Forex trading analysis or advice given on this website is based on our experience of the Forex market and does not constitute an investment advice. He goes to a foreign exchange dealer, hands over a bunch of Swiss francs and asks the dealer to change it into U.S.
All the participants are constantly buying, selling and quoting for deals on this vast currency platform.

We will not accept any liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of, or reliance on, such information anywhere on this site. Like the rates for the traveler, these rates are constantly fluctuating, and traders essentially try to make money by profiting from these changes. The dealer shows him the current exchange rate for converting one dollar into equivalent Swiss francs, displayed on his board, and tells him that, at that rate, he will get, say, Y dollars for the X Swiss francs handed over.

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