If the stock is near support or was at support and broke down I will try to find an entry because the stock is now “oversold” and “cheap” and has a high probability of bouncing or coming back. With this penny stock screener you can literally make thousands of dollars in only a few minutes.
Now what you are going to is open up the Equity Feed’s Penny Stock Screener and select the News Streamer. Many investors and stock market traders use google stock screener and best thing about this is it is free, yes it is available online to everyone for use. At this point we are are interested in Last price option, this option will give you capability to search penny stocks or stocks based on last or most recently traded price. Last price is to restrict the google stock screener to find penny stocks, but there any many other criteria’s available in google stock screener that will help you find good winning stocks by trading those you can make some good amount of money.

You can screen stocks by using many of these criteria’s, i will be writing more on this soon to explain important screeners to use that i also use very frequently.
Google stock screener is one of the best screener tool available in free stock screener category, there are many other screener available that will give some extra functional and technical advantage over google stock screener like Yahoo stock screener and Marketwatch stock scanner these are free stock scanner but there are some best paid tools Click Here!
Will review some more paid and free stock screener for penny stock screening like google stock screener in coming days and post the same for readers of awesome penny stocks. Even if your trading plan calls for investing in penny stocks, and entering and exiting your positions quickly, a stock screener can be an invaluable tool in narrowing down the field of potential stocks. You will then need to change the second box to the maximum stock price you would like to look at. One you have setup the google penny stock screener you can then select many different variables to help you find your penny stocks.

One of the simplest and stronger tool for stock screening, you can use this tool for penny stock screening also. You are all set now to search and screen the penny stocks.To find out stocks that are below $5, just set the last price Max column to 5 and Min column to 0 or what ever value you would like but it should be below 5.
We already know most penny stocks are a scam, so we are only interested in flipping them for a quick profit.
If not, the stock may be down strictly on technicals or may be a failed newsletter pump, so it’s time to check a chart.

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