Welcome Traders This New Board is for Triple 000 and Sub-penny Chart Plays   !! I wanted to "Alert traders", of stocks that are at the top of their cycle, getting them out, before they enter into "The Correction Stage", which begins the downturn, and can erase most of the stocks gains, of "Penny stocks" especially, where  a 50% to 200% haircut, is very common! I wanted to "Educate" the followers of this Board, with helpful and informative trading strategies, that will help them make money ! However, the lure and potential of these stocks lies back with the basic stock market rule mentioned above. Now the issue with this is you are now at the very back of a long line of people trying to sell shares for .0001.
Plus, every time VCs get there hands on large amounts of shares, they buy a run, and we can trade for profits !

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