Although the North American operations began in New York, Optiver US LLC quickly moved to the derivatives trading center of the country – Chicago, Illinois.
Optiver is a participant and market-maker on major US derivatives exchanges covering stocks, futures and options. Optiver is one of the largest derivatives trading company on the Australian, Asian and European Stock Exchanges and they expect their US operations to soon follow suit. Their main focus is screen trading, so their IT development activities are as vital to their success as the skills of their traders. The transition to electronic trading means we no longer need a physical presence on the trading floor.

Despite the large scale of our business, we take on comparatively little risk, as trading requires a superior understanding of the factors influencing securities, derivatives and other prices and an ability to respond swiftly to them.We try to remain neutral to market direction at all times, and base our trading philosophy on immediate hedging of our positions. Their dedication to innovation and advancement means that they are constantly improving their IT and trading strategies. Presence in the US, coupled with our other offices around the world, allows Optiver to trade around the clock. Though our trading is primarily screen-based, we maintain links to traditional floors via brokers in the wholesale trading market.These trading activities would not be possible without a serious devotion of effort and resources to technology.
At Optiver, we see the interrelation of IT and trading as vital to the success of our business.

Optiver will uphold her forward-thinking, ambitious culture that they have today, and will always look for the next big opportunity.

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