For a limited time, optionsXpress is offering a $100 cash bonus for all new account sign ups when certain requirements are met. If you check out our post on the latest discount broker survey by SmartMoney, you’ll see how well OptionsXpress ranks among all other online brokers. In the first half of 2011, we were greeted with the news that Charles Schwab, the well-known discount broker, was to acquire OptionsXpress. A visit to their tools section will uncover a myriad of helpful functions, including The Screener, StrategyScan, Trading Patterns, Chart Patterns, Position Analyzer and so much more. Like many new-fangled brokers out there, OptionsXpress gives you a free investment education once you sign up with them. OptionsXpress is geared toward active traders and investors, particularly those who are interested in advancing into other types of trading (e.g. I’ve been interested in trading options and have been working on teaching myself how to do it.

While there are those enamored by trading and investing this way, I opt to seclude and designate only a small part of my portfolio for active investing in order to control my risks. If you happen to be looking for a stock broker that focuses its support on the more advanced aspects of investing and trading, then you may be interested in a site like OptionsXpress.
Today, the acquisition has transpired and both entities are working on integration plans in order to provide their customers with a better trading experience, especially in the advanced options trading arena. This new entity will now be able to provide advisory and other financial services for general investors, banking services through Schwab Bank as well as enhanced trading functions through OptionsXpress. The standout is their Xtend Software, which is a sophisticated downloadable trading software application for more serious and active traders. One of the reasons why I don’t go full force into trading is because of the record-keeping aspect.
Many people are opting for options trading strategies even if they don’t know anything about this field.

And interestingly, Charles Schwab has acquired OptionsXpress as part of Schwab’s bid to provide its customers with a richer brokerage experience. As part of the integration, transfers and transactions across Schwab and OptionsXpress will incur no fees. Customers will have access to more complex options and futures trading strategies using high quality trading platforms, while having the ability to do their banking under the same umbrella.

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