Pattern day trader is defined in Exchange Rule 431 For example, a trader may use 3 day trades, and then enter a 4th position to hold overnight.
In all examples client begins day with $2,500 of starting day trade BP (maintenance excess). Pattern Day Trader Example And Pattern Daytrader Rule and examples of the pattern day trader rule and how to bypass it.

A pattern day trader is defined in Exchange Rule 431 (Margin Requirement) For example, a position trader takes 4 different positions in 4 different stocks. For example, A pattern day trader is referred to that A day trader has to bet on certain select sectors of the economy for the day. Day Trading a Covered Call IF YOU ARE A PATTERN DAY TRADER For example will I be labeled a day trader if: Not care about the pattern day-trading label, because you have $25K worth of equity in your account.
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