When getting into Forex trading (foreign exchange trading), it is important to identify the best trading platform. This entry was posted in Help and tagged options trading platforms free on January 17, 2014 by admin. This is a good platform for new traders because they have a free unlimited demo trading platform.
Doing research on available trading platforms will lead you to the platform that is right for you.

This will enable you to try your hand at trading and see what works and what does not before you have to put none of your own money in. If you’re new to trading as with the above platforms, you can perform a free, time unlimited demo with a starting account of $100, 00. When you have finished your free demo and you think you’re ready to trade for real, you can begin with an investment as low as $100. If you’re a freshman and need greater than the training demo, ForexYard offers a free one on one training session to bring you full understanding of Forex trading.

The company’s OpenBook platform allows users to keep up with the trades of other users and share their own trading experiences as well.
The downside of this platform however, is that this site isn’t available from the United States.

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