Don’t forget that you can also use the “replace” box as a shortcut for commonly-used strings or terms. After Studio converts your PDF and opens it in the Editor, the next step is to preview the target file in Word, by clicking Ctrl+shift+P. If you need to adjust the formatting and word recognition errors, it’s probably more efficient to carry out these corrections in Word, and then open this file in Studio for translation.
The additional capability to process scanned PDFs is very useful for translators who are just starting out and haven’t built up their full set of tools yet.
Formatting is preserved at cell level if you disable Preserve Target Style, but formatting of individual words will be ignored. Symbols, Bookmarks and AnyTM have been available on the Open Exchange as plug-ins for several years now.
So, although these features aren’t new in Studio 2015, they’re good news for everyone: installation is faster for power users and productivity is improved for new users.
I hope this post helps newish users decide whether they want to upgrade to Studio 2015 and encourage complete beginners to take the plunge.
For Spanish source PDFs I’ve carried out several tests and have seen excellent results when the scan is excellent quality.

As a beta tester, I’ve been trying out the new version for a couple of months, reporting bugs, discussing improvements with the developers and other beta testers, and enjoying seeing new features in action in real-life projects. The first I added was “adminsitration”; it’s a word I’ve written wrongly on and off for about 20 years.
Now, it can also process scanned PDFs through the Solid Documents engine, which carries out optical character recognition (OCR) and extracts texts from images in the background, before the file is opened as an .sdlxliff in the Editor.
This is the most basic output you can get with formatting, including correctly formatted bullet points, etc., and it provides a starting point for pre-editing the file in Word (see below).
By bringing the most popular apps into the core product, all users, especially beginners, will be sure to have access to these useful features.
You may prefer to do this just for a specific project rather than in your general settings.
I’ll wait for the next blog to decide whether to upgrade to Studio 2015 from Studio 2014. Efforts in this beginners provides foreign exchange on the trading for beginners: best efforts in india, a risky.
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