Le site consacre aux strategies de trading incorporant des produits derives, en particulier des options. On a vu aussi que ce type de strategie etait un pari sur l’evolution du spot, plus ou moins loin du strike selon que l’on etait "long" (acheteur) ou "short" (vendeur) du calendar. La premiere chose qu'il necessaire d'avoir en tete, c'est le comportement d'un calendar spread lorsque les volatilites des options different. On remarque immediatement que la perspective de perte MAXIMALE sur le "short" calendar a radicalement diminue, passant de -500 a -400. C'est cette fois l'inverse bien sur, la perspective de gain maximum sur le "long" calendar a radicalement diminue, passant de 500 a 400.
On voit bien sur ces deux derniers graphes qu'une volatilite long terme plus haute que celle de l'option court terme induit une "repentification" du P&L du calendar.
Le lecteur peut conduire lui meme ses propres conclusions quant a l'utilisation du calendar spread en fonction des niveaux des volatilites implicites. Le put spread est une strategie baissiere qui combine l'achat et la vente de deux options de vente. When running a calendar spread with calls, you’re selling and buying a call with the same strike price, but the call you buy will have a later expiration date than the call you sell. If you’re anticipating minimal movement on the stock, construct your calendar spread with at-the-money calls.
Because the front-month and back-month options both have the same strike price, you can’t capture any intrinsic value on the options. To run this strategy, you need to know how to manage the risk of early assignment on your short options. NOTE: The level of knowledge required for this trade is considerable, because you're dealing with options that expire on different dates. After the trade is paid for, no additional margin is required if the position is closed at expiration of the front-month option. Use the Profit + Loss Calculator to estimate break-even points, evaluate how your strategy might change as expiration approaches, and analyze the Option Greeks.
Use the Profit + Loss Calculator to estimate profit potential by determining what the back-month option will be trading for at the expiration of the front month.
Multiple leg options strategies involve additional risks, and may result in complex tax treatments. This happens if the underlying stock price remains unchanged on expiration of the near month options. The maximum possible loss for the neutral calendar spread is limited to the initial debit taken to put on the spread.

A partir du moment ou on commence a bien maitriser le trading des options, on arrive a bien cerner le fait que leurs valorisations quotidiennes dependent enormement des niveaux de volatilites implicites. Le calendar spread est une operation d’achat et de vente d’options de meme type (call ou put), sur le meme sous-jacent, ayant des strikes identiques mais des echeances differentes. Il est de toute facon toujours preferable de decomposer les options par patte afin de bien comprendre les risques propres a l'ensemble.
Une premiere approche avec le calendar spread est de constater que, toutes choses egales par ailleurs, la valeur temps de l’option court terme diminue plus vite que celle de l’option long terme. Mais les calendar spreads qui par construction interviennent sur deux options differentes qui different par leurs echeances respectives sont aussi deux paris sur les niveaux de volatilites implicites par echeances.
Le delta hedging est un type de couverture tres courant dans le trading des options, en particulier pour les marketmakers.
TweetThe bear calendar spread strategy is the opposite of a bull calendar spread and consists of two options: a long put option and a short put. You would deploy this strategy if you think the long term outlook for any particular underlying asset is bearish (heading for a downturn).
When you enter a bearish calendar spread, you must pay for the long put option but you receive a premium for selling the short put option. If the near month options expire worthless, this strategy turns into a discounted short put strategy, so the upside profit potential for the bear calendar spread becomes unlimited.
The maximum possible loss for the bear calendar spread is limited to the initial debit taken to put on the spread. When you get a little more experience however you’ll want to try out a few more complex strategies that involve 3 or more individual contracts. As you can see the bear calendar spread is an easy strategy to master, on top of that it also has unlimited profit potential with limited risk. The calendar spread strategy involves buying longer term calls or puts and simultaneously writing an equal number of near-month options of the same underlying security with the same strike price and type (ie puts or calls).
The options trader applying this strategy is neutral towards the underlying for the short term and is selling the near month calls to profit from their rapid time decay.
The maximum possible profit for the neutral calendar spread is limited to the premiums collected from the sale of the near month options minus any time decay of the longer term options.
Like all calendar strategies, it is necessary to decide on which follow-up action to take when the near-term options expire.
That will cause the back-month call price to increase, while having little effect on the price of the front-month option. For more information, please review the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options brochure before you begin trading options.

C'est deja le cas avec une strategie d'options ayant meme echeance, ca l'est a plus forte raison lorsqu'on intervient sur des maturites differentes : c'est le cas du calendar spread. So you enter a bear calendar spread by buying an SEP 35 out-of-the-money call for $200 and writing a JUN 35 out-of-the-money call for $100. This makes it along with its sister the bull calendar spread the perfect strategy for beginners to learn. It occurs when the stock price goes down and stays down until expiration of the longer term options. Straight lines and hard angles usually indicate that all options in the strategy have the same expiration date. If you’re going to use more than a one-month interval between the front-month and back-month options, you need to understand the ins and outs of rolling an option position.
Options investors may lose the entire amount of their investment in a relatively short period of time. Implied volatility represents the consensus of the marketplace as to the future level of stock price volatility or the probability of reaching a specific price point.The Greeks represent the consensus of the marketplace as to how the option will react to changes in certain variables associated with the pricing of an option contract. New accounts receive $1,000 in commission credit for equity, ETF and option trades executed within 60 days of funding the new account.
Content, research, tools, and stock or option symbols are for educational and illustrative purposes only and do not imply a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell a particular security or to engage in any particular investment strategy. En reprenant les options ci-dessus, l’optimum est atteint si le sous-jacent termine a 99.9 dans 6 mois. This is a nominal amount, usually around $10 or $20 from a traditional retail options broker like optionsXpress.
Time value is maximized with at-the-money options, so you need the stock price to stay as close to strike A as possible.
Ainsi l’option C2 perd toute valeur, et l’acheteur du calendar se retrouve avec un call C1 grandement finance par la vente du premier.
Commission credit covers equity, ETF and option orders including the per contract commission.

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