Featuring clear explanations of how your stock options might make you money-or not-this friendly guide fills you in on what you need to know to:* Understand different types of stock options* Read and find traps in your stock option agreement* Evaluate the pros and cons of company investment vehicles* Assess vesting schedules and tax laws* Tap Web resources Simon demystifies the jargon, rules, and tax consequences of stock options. He provides a realistic picture of what to expect from your options, and he helps you see past the hype to understand what your employer is really offering.
Alan has experienced every side of stock options in public and pre-IPO companies, large Fortune 500 corporations, and small consulting firms.

From clear explanations of how your stock options might make you money - or not - this unintimidating guide will help you navigate your company's stock option plan with ease. Your financial future could depend on your knowing the answers to these and other questions regarding your company's stock option plan.

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