One of the easiest, best and relatively economical incentives to motivate valuable executives and employees is to give them ownership in your company through options to purchase shares of stock. Your executives and employees can purchase only the stock option shares they earn: Vesting gives executives and employees the right to purchase an increasing percentage of their shares as time goes by… For example, using a 5-year stock options vesting schedule, an employee would be eligible to purchase only 20% of their stock options at the end of the first year. Stock Option Builder is a software system that manages a collection of sample employee stock options template documents, professionally formatted in Word, that you can easily edit or reformat to your liking. This handy information sheet further explains many of the details involved in an Incentive Stock Option Plan.
Track the details of your executive & employee stock options allocations — automatically calculates balances. There are no new programs to learn — Stock Options Builder is easy to use and works with your familiar Microsoft® Office software. You can put your complete executive and employee incentive stock options compensation plan in place yourself for a fraction (a very small fraction) of the cost of having it written from scratch.
With a proven stock options plan in place, you can motivate your executives and employees to increase profits, improve efficiency, and enable you to grow. The options price chain worksheet has been added to our trading spreadsheet for doing different trading scenarios.

While doing a facebook stock options trading video [11-6 to 11-7 trading], we talked about a trading scenario for buying calls and selling puts, if there was a confirmed reject of 48.20 support.
And while I was setting up the greeks worksheet, I was thinking [like I had many times before] about how much easier it would be if we could just enter the pricing inputs and get an options price chain showing the theoretical value and all the greeks. So, I wrote this new worksheet call GreeksChain that will allow us to get an options chain like we get for current prices – but get this for theoretical value and the rest of the greeks using our pricing formula inputs.  And then will will be able to model effective and more efficiently. We will go into the GreeksChain worksheet in a moment, but let’s go through the inputs and what the theoretical call options pricing chain looks like. You can see that I have calls and puts options pricing chains for 3 different inputs sections.  So, you can get your theoretical prices for multiple days and or underlyings for the same expiration – or for multiple expirations.
And that’s the GreeksChain worksheet from our options trading spreadsheet.  I think that it has lots of flexibility and different uses – and I really like the options price chain, compared to having to enter individual options separately. Stock options are great for rewarding employees, contractors and other contributors to your business for their continued support, contributions and long-term commitment. This way, if an employee or executive quits (or you must fire them), they can purchase only a prorated fraction of their original allotted number of stock options based upon the amount of time they actually worked for you. Stock Option Builder also includes a handy spreadsheet template in Excel for managing and tracking your executive and employee stock ownership and options — just fill in the variables and print.

Keep track of when you gave the options, the option price, vesting—automatically calculates the balance of shares available for other employees and contributors. If you received the spreadsheet on a CD, the CD will need to be returned to receive the refund.
Usually when your company is acquired or goes public, a simultaneous transaction is created whereby you and your employees purchase the options and immediately receive the proceeds. Fill in who gets how much stock, have your Board of Directors sign it, and you have officially approved granting stock options to your people.
If you want the spreadsheet on a CD and delivered, you can choose USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail.

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