Just below their pricing, additional information is included to help clarify questions you may have — which is great because I had questions that were answered with this information. Sign up takes you directly to their pricing page so you can select the plan you’d like to start with. Optional fields to add include everything from name, address and email to checkboxes, radio buttons and file uploads.
Editing the details of a field gives you options to change everything from the field type, label, supporting text, field size, format, default value or even conditional logic. It’s also worth noting that these additional options give you the flexibility to create forms to fit nearly any of your possible needs. I would definitely like to see some additional integration options for platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, etc., but these current options are a pretty good set already.

Hover over your forms to view form options like building, settings, view data, use, duplicate or trash.
Overall, Formstack does a really great job of making form creation easy enough for anyone while including more than enough in-depth options for the far more advanced users. Forum member Five Oh Brian, a man close to the Blue Oval, learned that the 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang is available with six highlight options. Surprisingly, some of these types of services don’t give straight forward pricing details. Not to worry though, Formstack has you covered by offering options to password protect your forms, use SSL, encrypt notification emails or encrypt your saved data. Without this optional integration, Formstack’s versatility would be seriously limited — especially for business class customers.

I won’t cover this but the process is very easy while also including options for more advanced styling with CSS and HTML.
You can manipulate the submissions as necessary, download as a PDF or RTF or edit additional configuration options.

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